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Cerda: The Cynara Festival Program

Palermo, April 19, 2024 – The appointment with tradition boasts an exceptionally rich program of events and initiatives, starting from Saturday, April 20, at 12 p.m., with the festival’s inaugural ceremony at the Cerda Town Hall led by Mayor Salvatore Geraci. In the afternoon, Piazza La Mantia and other key streets will come alive with a painting contest organized by the Association Giovani Amici and the peace parade. Special tastings will be offered, along with performances by the folk group Gazzara and Made In Sud music to close the day.

The collective homage to “plernix” – as the Greeks called this product of the land – will resume on the morning of Sunday, April 21, at 10 a.m., with the vibrant performance of the Vincenzo Bellini Music Band through the village streets. Following this, there will be a tribute to the timeless history of the Targa Florio, featuring the irresistible charm of the Ferraris that will paint Via Roma red up to Piazza La Mantia. The checkers tournament and dances with Roby D’Antoni will give way to other unmissable moments also in the afternoon; among these, the “Mototherapy” by the motorbike club association Limite 90 and “Guin riabilita,” various musical entertainments, and of course, the evening of oil and wine with guided tastings. A triumph of scents and flavors with delicacies from the territory, accompanied by artichoke liqueurs, uniquely flavored and prepared according to ancient recipes.

The Cynara Festival will kick into full gear on Wednesday, April 24. From 12 p.m., the Prince of local agriculture becomes King, with the presence of journalists and taste connoisseurs directly in the field, amidst manual harvests, visits to rural companies, and delightful tastings.

At 3 p.m., the Maria Santissima dei Miracoli music band will delight the public through the village streets; the Sicilian Cart and exhibition stands will enliven the vital Via Roma, where it will be possible to experience Sicilian excellence in its most authentic nuances.

At 6 p.m., Giusi Battaglia, the festival’s godmother, will be ready to be the spokesperson for the Cynara Award during the conference scheduled at the Cerda council chamber; followed by an in-depth talk, a new tribute to the Targa Florio, and The ancient myth of the Nymph Cynara transformed into an artichoke by the God Zeus, which will be the theme of the video mapping projected from 8:30 p.m. in the spaces of Villa Comunale. According to Greek mythology, Cynara was, in fact, the name of a sweet deity, with green and purple eyes, and long ash-colored hair. The Olympian Sovereign was madly in love with her, but after repeated rejections, he became so angry that he transformed her into the famous vegetable. The day will end with the performance of the Mirko Casadei Orchestra.

The celebrations resume with drumming on Thursday, April 25, marking the beginning of the 42nd edition of the Artichoke Festival of Cerda, starting at 9:30 a.m., with the procession of the folk group “I carrettieri città di Cerda” along Via Roma to Piazza La Mantia, where shortly after, the Bersaglieri will arrive to pay tribute to the National Liberation Day. After a chorus of greetings from the mayor, Salvo La Rosa, and Giusi Battaglia, they will start a multisensory journey through the Spiny Cerda Artichoke, recounting the traditional dishes, a heritage of Cerda families. The afternoon will be animated by the comedy of “I Quattro Gusti,” Uccio De Santis, and the energy of the Flag Throwers of Caccamo and Gruppo Marchesato. At 8 p.m., the video mapping dedicated to the myth of Cynara will be replayed.

Moments of conviviality and sharing will continue on Friday, April 26, starting from 4 p.m. with themed workshops, show cooking, and tastings. The day will end with a musical performance ( i quaranta che ballano i 90 band).

On Saturday, April 27, the Cynara Fest will begin with the ceremony of awarding the Italian Flag to the municipality of Cerda by ANCRIM, the National Association of Knights of the Order of Merit of the Republic. The program then includes a talk in Piazza La Mantia from 12 p.m. onwards. The activities resume at 4 p.m. with new workshops, a Burraco tournament organized by the Fiordaliso circle; from 7:30 p.m., there will be tastings, show cooking, and the projection of video mapping as night falls. The penultimate day of the festival will end with a nationally renowned guest.

Games and children will color the early hours of Sunday, April 28, in the company of the association “Albero Azzurro Animations,” and those who have not yet had the chance can try specialties based on artichokes from the wide selection of Cerda’s restaurants. The Cynara Festival will conclude with a concert by Bianca Atzei in the central square in the late evening (10 p.m.).

FROM 20 TO 28 APRIL 2024

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