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Delicious and easy to prepare and replicate

These are the recipes of the Cerda Ladies Brigade, six passionate women who authentically bring traditional dishes to our tables, inherited from the stories of mothers and the memories of grandmothers.

Coordinating this research and involvement of the “custodians” of Cerda’s gastronomic treasure was Marilena Dionisi, interpreting the strong bond of the community to the artichoke civilization.

Clotilde Lo Verde, Pina Geraci, Ninetta Virga, Lina Parasiliti, Rosalia Bartolotta, Tiziana Cirà are among the 117 members of the Fiordaliso circle who, along with other associations, tell the story of a whole community, and periodically delight in the kitchen to create delicacies based on the Cerda spiny artichoke, the star of the Cynara Festival.

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FROM 20 TO 28 APRIL 2024

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