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Divine Harmonies: Monreale DOC wines

A ‘love affair’ between the Spiny Artichoke of Cerda and the wines of the Monreale DOC. A large audience will experience it from April 20th to 28th in the small village nestled between northern Himera and the Torto River, participating in the taste workshops of the Cynara Festival.

‘Divine harmonies’ featuring the white berry varieties (Catarratto) and the black berry varieties (Perricone and Syrah) of the seven companies enrolled in the historic denomination’s disciplinary rules, paired with the various gastronomic interpretations of Cerda’s artichoke. A product with a thousand facets and ready for all uses, akin to the potato.

This magnificent vegetable can indeed be boiled, stewed, stuffed, fried, transformed into a succulent cream for fresh pasta fillings, become the ideal condiment to accompany meat dishes, or consumed raw for wonderful salads “illuminated” by strictly Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.

It will therefore be a most noble encounter that will animate the streets of Cerda. Right here, where the Island’s cuisine has left its indelible mark, adventurous souls and lovers of quality eno-gastronomy will find a blend of authentic and genuine flavors but also great wines, coming from a chosen land like the area of the Monreale DOC.

It will start with an extremely light tempura-fried Spiny Artichoke, paired with the freshness of a hillside Catarratto – the prince of this productive habitat’s white berry grape variety – or perhaps with the harmony of an artichoke caponata combined with hints of ripe red fruit, spices, and the Mediterranean scrub of the Perricone, a glorious black berry variety of Sicily, once widely spread and now finally valued.

Lastly, the crunchiness of a baked ‘stuffed’ artichoke paired with the prestigious Syrah of the Monreale DOC, a rare expression of oenological excellence from a ‘craftsmanship’ that has made this territory a rather intriguing reference point in the collective imagination.

The seven companies of the Monreale DOC

The seven companies of the Monreale DOC

FROM 20 TO 28 APRIL 2024

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